Pictorial Glossary of Jewelry Terms


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PAVÉ  (Pronounced Pa Vay) A method of bead setting gemstones, usually diamonds, next to each other so that an entire metal surface is covered, or paved.
PEAR SHAPE A gemstone shape rounded at one end and pointed at the other. The facet arrangements are similar to those of the round brilliant cut. 
PENDANT A charm or other item worn on a chain that swings freely. See fun Rock Star Pendant
PENNYWEIGHT A unit of weight equal to 1/20th of an ounce.  DWT is the abbreviation for Pennyweight.
PERIOD JEWELRY Articles of jewelry that exemplify the design style of the times in which they were created. Examples of well know periods are Victorian, Edwardian and Art Deco.
PINK GOLD Also called rose gold because of its soft pink tones. 
PINK ICE Pink colored Cubic Zirconium, popularized by television shopping networks.
PLATINUM The noblest of the noble metals, Platinum is a white, hard and very dense metal.  Platinum is usually alloyed with Iridium (90% Plat. 10% Iridium) and more recently Cobalt is being used in Platinum alloys. 

PLATINUM GROUP A category of five noble metals including Platinum, Palladium, Iridium, Rhodium, and Ruthenium

PLUMB GOLD A term used to describe gold jewelry that contains the precise amount of gold in the alloy that the Karat mark indicates. In the past an item marked 14Kt could legally have been 13.5 karat and still considered 14K. Today an item marked 14k must be at least 14 of 24 parts fine gold and is considered plumb gold.

POINT A unit of weight equal to 1/100th of a carat.  One hundred points equal one carat, fifty points equals a half-carat. A point is an extremely accurate unit of measure used to weigh gemstones. One point is equal to about 1/14,000 of an ounce.

  PRECIOUS METALS Gold, Silver, Platinum and the other members of the platinum group.

PRINCESS CUT A square cut, which is facetted similar to an Emerald Cut above the girdle and facetted like a Round Brilliant Cut below the girdle. 

PROMISE RING A pre-engagement ring. Typically similar to an engagement ring with a very small diamond, maybe 5 points in size.
RIGHT HAND RING A type of ring, generally more elaborate. The diamond right hand ring signifies the strength, success, and independence of women. Since every diamond is unique, every diamond right hand ring reflects the distinct individuality of its wearer. In addition, these rings come in a variety of beautiful designs – Modern Vintage, Floral, Romantic and Contemporary – offering each woman a design that best expresses her individual personality.

RHODIUM A member of the platinum group of metals commonly used for plating gold, sterling and other metals. Rhodium is white and will make yellow gold white in appearance or can add a two-tone effect to a jewelry finish. Rhodium prevents tarnishing of sterling silver and adds a brighter, mirror like finish.

ROSE CUT A method of cutting a gemstone in which the bottom of the stone is flat and the top is faceted. 
SANDBLAST FINISH A dull matte looking finish applied to the surface of metal using sand and air to blast the surface and create the finish.  

SATIN FINISH A dull matte finish created with fine emery sand paper, sandblasting, wire brushing, stone finishing, or using acid.

SCATTER PINS A grouping of several small pins worn together.
SEMI-MOUNT A mounting, generally a ring, designed to hold a large or primary gemstone and smaller accent gemstones in which only the accent gemstones have already been set.

SEMI-PRECIOUS A term that formerly was used to describe colored gemstones other than ruby, sapphire and emerald.  In fact many of the gemstones called semi-precious could be quite valuable, costing several thousands of dollars and more.  For this reason the term is really not appropriate and its use has been discontinued by most people in the jewelry industry.

SHANK The bottom of a ring set with gemstones into which you insert your finger.  The shank is the part of the ring that is cut when sized and can be replaced when worn thin.

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