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In a hurry? Need the Perfect Gift?

Simplified Wedding Anniversary List

We do all we can to make all your anniversary's special.  

P.S. We have never had a complaint when a gift has been chosen from our simplified guide. 


Jewelry Gift


Jewelry Gift

1st Diamond 17th Diamond
2nd Diamond 18th Diamond
3rd Diamond 19th Diamond
4th Diamond 20th Diamond
5th Diamond 21st Diamond
6th Diamond 22nd Diamond
7th Diamond 23rd Diamond
8th Diamond 24th Diamond
9th Diamond 25th Diamond
10th Diamond 30th Diamond
11th Diamond 35th Diamond
12th Diamond 40th Diamond
13th Diamond 45th Diamond
14th Diamond 50th Diamond
15th Diamond 55th Diamond
16th Diamond 60th Diamond

We wish you a very Happy Anniversary.

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