An Appraisal or Jewelry Insurance Replacement Report does not insure your jewelry.  You must purchase the insurance to be properly protected in case of a loss. Typically, jewelry is insured through a homeowner’s or renter’s insurance policy, either under the general limit for jewelry, or as a scheduled item for which you pay an additional premium. We recommend you discuss all of the following questions with your insurance agent before you insure your jewelry and ask your agent to show you the language in your policy that addresses each of these concerns.

What types of jewelry insurance are available?

If I have a claim, can I go to Curt Parker Jewelers?  If not, how much of the appraised value will you pay?     

How often should I have my jewelry appraisal updated?

What if the item lost is irreplaceable, such as an antique?

Are there any geographic limitations to my coverage?          

What proof is needed to justify a claim?

Does my policy cover all-risk?  Lost stones?  Broken or damaged stones?  Mysterious disappearance?  Theft?  Fire?

Is my jewelry covered for inflation or only for the appraised value?  What if there is a sizeable increase or decrease in value during the year of coverage?

Do I have a deductible on my policy? Do I have the option to increase the deductible and thus lower the premium? If so how much?

What happens if I lose one earring or cufflink?

Is there an insurance premium discount if I keep my jewelry in an in-home safe or a bank safety deposit box?   

REMEMBER¾ Having an appraisal does not insure your jewelry. You must contact your insurance agent and purchase the proper coverage.

Jewelry appraising is a profession. We have an up-to-date AGS Accredited Gem Laboratory with an experienced and gemologically trained staff. our American Gem Society Certified Gemologist Appraisers are recognized in the United States and Canada. It is our commitment to serve you well.

When you need a new jewelry appraisal, please call for an appointment. Bring in your copy of our old appraisal with your jewelry and we will update it AT NO CHARGE TO YOU. For items we have NOT appraised there will be a charge. We will carefully examine every facet of your jewelry. We will clean, polish, tighten stones and adjust clasps as part of our appraisal and appraisal update service.

As always, our pledge is to provide continued excellence in quality and service.


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