The history.  Little is known about this bracelet. It was made in the twenties or thirties.  The  bracelet was re-sold in the seventies to a woman who has very small wrist, links were removed. The bracelet was again sold and given as a gift to her mother.  When the daughter received the bracelet back in her inheritance she wanted to were it but it was too short.

The condition the bracelet was shortened and did not have a even number of links on each side of the center. We don't know what happen to the removed links.

This side is shorter. 

The solution was to come up with a way to lengthen the bracelet while keeping within the guides of the original design.  We first made wax models for the pieces needed then cast them in platinum. 

We used the laser welder to re assemble the bracelet. The cost was much less because of the Starweld laser. This repair would have been impossible to do using platinum. The small diamonds already set in the bracelet could not have withstood the necessary heat needed to use platinum therefore another metal would have been used. The platinum Starweld  repair is 260 times stronger than  any traditional  method used to repair jewelry. 

You can see in the finished picture below the bracelet has been lengthened and looks like new. Now another generation can wear this bracelet while  the memories and history are preserved. 


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