The history.  This ring belonged to one of our client's ancestors, Mrs. Margaret Hildeburn Garrison who was married to Lindley Morton Garrison. Mr.Garrison was secretary of war in Woodrow Wilson's cabinet. From the information we have we estimate this ring was made about 1910. 

The condition of ring when we received for repair was broken with missing pieces and missing diamonds. As you can see from a previous repair, someone tried to repair this ring with gold. This ring could not have been repaired with platinum using a torch.

After removing the gold from the ring and  carefully cleaning, we welded the ring with the Starweld laser using platinum. We replaced the missing section and two missing diamonds. 

The repair cost was about 1/10th of the cost it would have been without the Starweld laser. This repair would have been impossible to do using platinum therefore another metal would have been used. The platinum Starweld  repair is 260 times stronger than  any traditional  method used to repair jewelry. 

You can see from the finished pictures below the ring has been restored and looks like new. Now the memories and history of this special ring are preserved. 

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