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St. Louis – St. Louis jeweler Curt Parker has been named a winner in 1998 international Platinum Passion Design Competition for his platinum and diamond pendant entitled "Millenium." The contest, sponsored by the Platinum Guild International USA, included more than 500 individual platinum design entries from around the world that were judged for their creativity and innovation, originality of design, salability, wearability and workmanship.

The pendant resembles a circular flask containing a "rolling" diamond and platinum disk. Fine platinum chains flow river-like from the top of the piece, to encircle the wearer’s neck. The necklace currently is on display at Curt Parker Jewelers.

"The Millenium. pendant shows platinum to its best advantage," said Parker. "It is sleek, modern, and perfect for year 2000 and beyond." Parker added that the flowing, continuous elements of its design reminded him of time eternal -- past, present and future.

The innovative way in which the chains were attached to the pendant contributes to its unique appearance. During his 20+ year career in the jewelry industry, "I have never seen a pendant in which the chains came out of the top of the piece," he said.

The Millenium. pendant received an honorable mention in the "Everyday Platinum" category, which highlighted sportier styles for work and play.

Platinum is known for its elegant beauty, purity, rarity and strength. Consumer demand for platinum has risen more than 700% in the past five years, according to PGI. Because of its durability, it has always been a popular choice for bridal couples worldwide.

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