September Newsletter 2007

Please save the date for your party. Saturday October 13th.



Focus on Color


Blue is one of the most popular colors. Blue is a color that represents loyalty and communicates a sense of trust and balance - political candidates and job applicants will wear blur hoping to appear more trustworthy. 


Birthstone for September

Sapphire, the celestial gemstone long associated with the sky and the heavens, has been revered by humanity for thousands of years. Symbolizing truth, honesty and faithfulness, sapphire is an excellent choice for an engagement ring or any piece of jewelry given as a gift of love. As with most gemstones, the finest sapphires, no matter their color, are a vibrant hue with a medium tone. Extremely dark, almost black sapphires and extremely pale sapphires are among the most affordable. When shopping for a sapphire, let your own personal taste guide you.



Thank You Email subscribers.

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