September Newsletter 2006

Save the date

Saturday, October 14th

Rams cheerleaders, food and drink, prizes, friendship and fun. Please celebrate with us. Join in for some inspired browsing and a little bit of what you fancy.

You donít have to be a football fan. Come
enjoy the entertainment. Be dazzled and leave sparkling. Weíll clean your jewelry while you are at the party. Donít wait for
your invitation! Be the first to RSVP.

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Birthstone for September

Line up the Planets and Foretell the Future

Sapphire has more going for it than the beautiful blues.  Ancient Egyptians believed that star sapphire could cause the planets to line up in favorable positions.  Ancient priests and sorcerers believed that sapphire enabled them to foretell the future.  Legend has it that the Ten Commandments were inscribed on sapphire tablets. 

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This dramatic, Euro-inspired wedding band collection is not for the feint of heart or the foppish fuddy-duddy. 

Our exclusive Millennium Collection features Curtís ďNo-Diamond Diamond BandĒ and other variations on post modernist design themes reminiscent of the stylish Porsche School of German industrial design.

Bracelet and Brooch created by Curt Parker. Sleek. Powerful. Understated.  


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