September Newsletter

Your invitation to fun includes...

Rams cheerleaders, food and drink, prizes, friendship and fun. Please help us celebrate. Join us for some inspired browsing and a little bit of what you fancy.

Be here when we unveil our new collections.

New micro pavé right hand rings and our new platinum designs.

As always our once-a-year savings of 15% on all your purchases now through October 8th 2005.
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Birthstone for September

Line up the Planets and Foretell the Future

Sapphire has more going for it than the beautiful blues.  Ancient Egyptians believed that star sapphire could cause the planets to line up in favorable positions.  Ancient priests and sorcerers believed that sapphire enabled them to foretell the future.  Legend has it that the Ten Commandments were inscribed on sapphire tablets.  Fast-forward in history, and you see Prince Charles presenting Princess Diana with a breathtaking sapphire engagement ring.  In fact, sapphire is one of the most popular choices for an alternative to the diamond engagement ring.  Sapphire, a variety of corundum, is available in every color but red.  That’s because all red corundum is properly named ruby.  This gem is best known in its deep blue color. Sapphire is the birth stone of September, as well as the official gem for the 5th and 45th wedding anniversary.

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Choosing Jewelry to Match Your Stature

Fashion experts say that gold earrings are long… and getting longer.  But before you rush out for a new set, consider your stature. In general, petite women should choose petite jewelry, and tall women, bolder styles. When it comes to earrings, petite women look best in studs and buttons, as well as in styles that sweep the eye upward. Women of average height can choose any style within reason.  Tall women should avoid petite buttons, but look spectacular in any length of drop or dangle. Women of all heights should also pay attention to how their hairstyle interacts with earring choice.  For example, a petite woman with long hair might be able to carry off a medium length chandelier or drop.  And a tall woman with a short hairstyle might look terrific in a substantial button.  


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