November Newsletter 2006


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November Birthstone

Topaz or Citrine

Kissed by the Sun

As the golden variety of the quartz family, citrine takes its name from citron, the French word for lemon. But don’t think that all citrine is the color of lemonade. Citrines range from the soft hues of golden champagne to the rich, deep color of a fine Madeira wine. Its broad range of colors and outstanding affordability make citrine one of the most popular and desirable gemstones in the world.

The Hues of an Ocean Sunset


Cast your eyes upon the ocean waters as the setting sun displays its dance of color, and you’ll discover all the rich spectral hues of topaz. On its cool side, topaz ranges from a soft sky blue to the richest and most vivid aquas and greenish blues imaginable.  Warmer tones of topaz take on the golden hue of a fine chardonnay or the blush of a tree ripened peach. Other colors range from rich, warm browns to lusty variations of orange and cinnamon. Some of the most rare and exceptional shades of topaz include rich pinks and sherry reds.


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Kwiat Diamonds and Fashion Designer David Rodriguez Partner to Design Carrie Underwood’s Gown for the “40th Annual Country Music Association Awards”

Dress to be auctioned off for The Humane Society of the United States and The Make-A-Wish Foundation

Live tonight at the 40th Annual country music awards, one of the biggest nights in country music you won’t only see the bright flashes of camera’s but one of the most dazzling diamonds creations ever made!   Kwiat diamonds has partnered with high end fashion designer David Rodriguez to create a stunning one of a kind diamond dress to be worn by Carrie Underwood.  Carrie, who is nominated for four Country Music Association Awards, will debut this custom-designed gown created exclusively for her tonight live at 8pm eastern standard time on ABC.

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