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Join Curt Parker Jewelers team for the 11th Annual Susan G. Komen St. Louis Race for the Cureģ

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Easy online registration.

Option 1

To register log on to then follow these steps:

1. The registration fee is $25.00 and goes directly to the Komen Foundation.

2. Select the box that says: Register Now! June 13, 2009

3. Select: Register on a Team.

4. Select: Curt Parker Jewelers or just type in Curt in the search box.

5. Click: register on a team:  090003-CURT PARKER JEWELERS

Option 2

Go to Curt Parker Jewelers at and click on the race photo.

Click on photo below select Join Team then proceed to check out.

Option 3

Come in the store to register.  

All Curt Parker Jewelers Team members will receive a

$50 Curt Parker Jewelers Gift Card

Race T-shirt, refreshments, and transportation to and from the race with the team.

Walk with friends and family.  Raise money.  Great Exercise.

T-shirts and GIFT CARD can be picked up at

Curt Parker Jewelers on Race Day

Grab your family, friends and colleagues and sign up with our team. Bus Transportation, Morning Coffee, Soda, Donuts and Water provided Race Day!

MOMS Love Green

Go Green this Mother's Day

Sunday ~ May 10th

A natural wonder, green is both restful and energizing.

Escape with green gemstones such as Jade, Green Tourmaline and Emerald, or refuel with vivid greens like Peridot, Tsavorite Garnet, and Chrysoprase.



Motherís Day is Both Ancient and New

Itís a traditional holiday in a changing world. While most Americans honor their mother and grandmother on Motherís Day, more than 35 million stepfamilies enjoy their own traditions.  The celebration of motherhood is hardly new; it can be traced back to the ancient Greek celebration of the Mother of the Gods.  However, our American Motherís Day celebration is a much newer holiday.  In 1907, Ana Jarvis initiated the holiday to honor the anniversary of her motherís death.  The holiday was so instantly popular that, by 1914, Woodrow Wilson declared it a national holiday.  This is a great occasion to remember Mom or Grandma with a lasting gift of jewelry.  A specially chosen charm, locket, or any piece of jewelry set with birthstones of her children, is always a heartfelt gift. 







Birthstone for May

Emerald, with its rich green reflecting the colors of spring, has been treasured for thousands of years as an emblem of rebirth and enduring love. The favorite of Pharaohs, prized by the Mogul rulers of India, and coveted by the royal houses of Europe, no other green gemstone can rival the emeraldís luxuriant green hue, entrancing beauty and eternal popularity.


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Coming Soon

You wouldn't expect The Platinum Store to sell silver! Would you?

I didn't either, until we saw the beauty of Jorge Revilla sterling imported from Spain. I knew we had to bring it to you.




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