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Birthstone for May

Emerald, with its rich green reflecting the colors of spring, has been treasured for thousands of years as an emblem of rebirth and enduring love. The favorite of Pharaohs, prized by the Mogul rulers of India, and coveted by the royal houses of Europe, no other green gemstone can rival the emeraldís luxuriant green hue, entrancing beauty and eternal popularity.


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Tips to Protect Your Jewelry

There are things you can do to prevent the loss or theft of your jewelry.  Start with your home.  Install good locks on your windows and doors Ė and use them!  Most burglaries can be prevented. Store your jewelry in a bank safe deposit box, or in a home safe.  If this is impractical, store your jewelry in an inconspicuous hiding place (that you remember well) that is NOT in the bedroom.  That is the first room thieves search. When out of town, make certain that all newspapers and flyers are picked up.  Never leave your valuables in your luggage or hotel room.  And never slip jewelry into your pocket.  It can just as easily slip out.  Of course, bring your jewelry in at least once each year for a professional check for loose mountings and gemstones.  This is always no charge.


There is a special case at Curt Parker Jewelers thatís stocked with one-of-a-kind antique and vintage jewelry.


You can never predict what Curt will put in there or how favorably heíll price it. Itís his personal playpen, stocked with surprising pieces at very surprising prices. 

Some people here (weíll refrain from naming names) think that Curt has lost his mind. But he thinks itís fun to gleefully shock our best clients with unexpected bargains.  

Whatís in Curtís Vintage case today? Youíll be delightfully surprised... if you stop by. If you just can't wait you can see the jewelry by clicking on the surprise picture.




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