March Newsletter 2007

New Ice Candy Collection

Be cool this summer, with our new Ice Candy collection of pendants. each is one of a kind.

These Aquamarines, Pink Tourmalines, Amethysts, Blue Topaz are prism or chisel cut gems perfected by a world class master cutter.

Curt is one of a few jewelers capable of making beautiful jewelry from these gems. All are one of a kind and cannot be replaced. These pendants are incredibly bright and captivating.


Focus on Color

Blue is one of the most popular colors. Blue is a color that represents loyalty and communicates a sense of trust and balance - political candidates and job applicants will wear blue hoping to appear more trustworthy.

Aquamarine Birthstone for March

The Greeks proclaimed this highly prized, light blue gem aquamarine, because it sparkles like the sea touched by the sun. Found in an array of pastel tones from very light to medium blue, aquamarine is often tinted by a splash of green. The delicate greenish blue of a fine aquamarine conjures up images of dancing light on the purest of tropical waters. for more Click here.

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