Aquamarine Brings Happiness and Everlasting Youth

As its name might suggest, the ideal aquamarine looks just like the beautiful depths of the ocean: not too pale, not too green.  A member of the beryl family of gems, which also includes emerald, aquamarine looks positively amazing when cut in larger sizes, particular in rectangular and oval shapes.  If you dream about aquamarine, some say you are going to make new friends.  In 1906, Vice President William Howard Taft added to the popularity of this gem by giving a heart-shaped aquamarine to President Roosevelt’s daughter, Alice, as a wedding gift.  The ancients believed that aquamarine renewed married love, cured laziness and would render its wearer fearless.  Aquamarine is a universal symbol of happiness and everlasting youth.  This gem is the birthstone of March and the official gem of the 19th wedding anniversary. 

Live ... From the Oscars!


What a wild Oscar week it was for Kwiat! We received tremendous media attention and had a blast working with our Hollywood friends. Some of the highlights:

Teri Polo of Meet the Parents chatted with Daisy Fuentes about the madness of Oscars week in LA.  Julian McMahon from Nip/Tuck was pumped at the chance to win a Kwiat diamond and made a straight shot to the martini bar, but unfortunately he only came away with a bagful of M&Ms as his prize.  Everybody’s favorite TV mother, Doris Roberts from Everybody Loves Raymond, joined us again this year. Seems like the Kwiat party might be her favorite on the Oscar party circuit!

Also in attendance at the party: Shannon Lucio (The O.C.), Andrea Bowen (Desperate Housewives), Sarah Shahi (The L Word), Jordi Molla, Trent Ford, Garcelle Beauvais, Rena Sofer, Ashley Scott, and Marques Anderson of the NFL’s Oakland Raiders.


Shannon Lucio of The O.C. trying on Kwiat earrings at the Oscar party




And for several Oscar nominees, Kwiat proved to be the good luck charm! Brad and Lynn Bird, winners of the Oscar for Best Animated Film for The Incredibles, showed off the award looking incredible in Kwiat diamonds. The producers of the Oscar winner in the Best Foreign Film category for The Sea Inside¸ raised their Oscar high with Kwiat jewels on their wrists and hands. This was the second consecutive year that the Foreign Language Film winner wore Kwiat


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Famous Osbournes Robbed of $2 Million Jewels

Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne were robbed of nearly $2 million worth of jewelry last year at their Buckinghamshire home, just north of London. Thieves made away with jewel-set watches, Sharon’s diamond wedding bands, and a 24-carat sapphire ring. In a dramatic turn, Ozzy wrestled with one of the thieves, who escaped by jumping out a window. The Osbournes were offering a $190,000 reward for the return of their jewels. To prevent this from happening to you, store your jewelry in a secure, but not obvious, place. (Sharon Osbourne kept her jewelry in her dressing room.) Make certain that your jewelry is properly appraised and insured. Don’t try to be a hero as Osbourne did. Thieves often have weapons and you could be hurt or worse. But your jewelry can always be replaced.






The Preferred Jewelers of the St. Louis Rams