June Newsletter

Dads Deserve Recognition Too!

Father’s Day started all because one woman really appreciated her dad.  Sonora Dodd, of Washington State, thought of her dad while listening to a Mother’s Day sermon in 1909. She felt that her dad, who had raised six children alone after her mother died in childbirth, deserved a holiday as much as any mother.  By 1910 she organized the first Father’s Day celebration on June 19, her father’s birthday. By 1924, President Coolidge publically supported Father’s Day.  In 1966, President Johnson signed a proclamation making Father’s Day the third Sunday in June.  This year Father’s Day lands on the same date as the very first celebration.  To honor your dad, consider a gift of fine jewelry.  Instead of a tie, you might choose a tie pin, cufflinks or even a neck chain or bracelet. 


For Dads and Grads

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Pearl is the birthstone for the month of June.

Pearls from Absolutely Affordable to $3 Million

Just last fall, a double strand of pearls sold at auction in Geneva, Switzerland, for over $3,000,000!  These natural pearls were 8.5 to 16mm in size, and silvery white with pink overtones. 

The amazing thing about pearls is not all natural pearls are as expensive as this strand. In fact, there are many beautiful strands as well as pearl designs that are downright affordable.  Is your style traditional? Choose a classic strand of round, white pearls in any length. If your look is more avant-garde, the possibilities are virtually endless.  Pearls are available in many colors, shapes, lengths and qualities. Whatever your budget, it is safe to say that you will be able to afford the real thing – cultured pearl jewelry! Pearl is the official birth gem of June and the anniversary gem for the third and 30th year off marriage.

If you're considering a pearl purchase, we would be happy to show you the best we have and help you with your style and help you to select the correct color for your skin tone.


Yes, I was, daddy’s girl—spoiled in every way. You dads know exactly what I’m talking about. Dad recognized I was growing up. 

So what is it about your little girl, this amazing young woman, and jewelry from you? Simple: it makes her feel all grown up; it makes her feel feminine and pretty (I know, that’s a whole other barrel of worries!). But more importantly, it means trust and responsibility. You’re telling her that you think she’s old enough to appreciate and take care of a really nice piece of jewelry—that you support her as an adult as much as you cherished her as a little girl. What a wonderful feeling! Finally…adulthood!  

So how do you know what to get her? Pay attention to what catches her eye if you’re out together. Start learning her style and her individuality. Pay close attention to what her friends are wearing.  

To get you started though, here are a few ideas to consider, diamond pendants, earrings and pearls. Trust me, these items are even more meaningful coming from you.

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