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July 4th Celebration!!!!

Store is closed Friday June 30 and will reopen on July 5th

Hooray for the Red, White, and You!

Show your true colors with a star spangled, red white and blue creation to make you St. Louis' most striking Lady Liberty. Choose a diamond, sapphire, ruby or all three and we'll give you a Curt Parker Hooray for the red, white and you cheer.



Birthstone for July

Ruby is all about passion – penetrating the heart with color and fire like no other gemstone. Unmatched in legend and seldom rivaled in beauty, it combines the energy of light with the power of fire into a single breathtaking scarlet colored gem. Recognized as the world’s most valued gemstone for centuries, ruby holds the undisputed title as the “King of Gems.”  

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Palladium Jewelry

Now available at Curt Parker Jewelers

Palladium is a precious metal, one of the platinum group metals (PGM), which typically are found together in ore deposits. The USA has only one primary palladium producer, the Stillwater Mining Company, which operates two mines in southern Montana. At that location, the palladium ore bearing layer called the J-M (Johns-Manville) Reef is the richest known palladium deposit currently being exploited anywhere in the world. Active mining from this location produces a high grade ore containing a palladium:platinum ratio of just over 3:1. After mining, the ore is refined by Stillwater at a site near Columbus, Montana, to a purity of 60% PGMs, then shipped to Johnson Matthey for final refining of palladium, platinum and other metals at a facility in New Jersey.

For more information please visit http://www.stillwaterpalladium.com/ to research more about palladinum



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