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December Newsletter 2009

If you could choose a gift for someone, someone very dear to you. A gift that would be appreciated as much, say, twenty years from now as it is today. Wouldn’t that be just about the perfect gift?

The gift is a diamond from Curt Parker Jewelers.
Can you think of a single thing as timeless as a diamond? From something simple yet elegant to
an incredible original design, we truly do have a diamond for everyone.

We look forward to helping make your holidays relaxing… filled with smiles…and joy….and lots
of those warm thank you hugs.

Do you need a GREAT gift idea? We have just the thing.

A beautifully wrapped Curt Parker Gift Card.

This is one present you want to get now and give early.


The perfect gift every time

Take the guesswork out of choosing the perfect gift. With the CP Giftcard, you can give them exactly what they want.

How it works

Gift cards are available in any amount you choose.  

Each gift card is beautifully wrapped and ready for gift giving.



'Tis the Season for Red and Green!

And, purple, black, blue and pink! Give a gift this Holiday that expresses warmth and love.

Give the gift that says you are as unique and special as the rings you wear, Curt Parker gemstones, of course.



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