August Newsletter 2012

 All Spectacular Jorge Revilla Sterling Silver

There is a special case at Curt Parker Jewelers that’s stocked with one-of-a-kind antique and vintage jewelry. 

You can never predict what Curt will put in there or how favorably he will price it. It’s his personal playpen, stocked with surprising pieces at very surprising prices. 

Some people here (we’ll refrain from naming names) think that Curt has lost his mind. But he thinks it’s fun to gleefully shock our best clients with unexpected bargains.  

What’s in Curt’s Vintage case today? You’ll be delightfully surprised... if you stop by. If you just can't wait you can see the jewelry by clicking on the surprise picture.

 See the new Silver Extraordinaire Collection of

Fredrick Duclos


Birthstone for August

Often called the “volcanic gem,” peridot usually forms in the rocks created by violent volcanic activity. On rare occasions, peridot also has been found in meteorites that have fallen to earth. No matter the source, whether from Mother Nature’s fiery depths or rocks that are truly out of this world, peridot has caught the attention of humans for thousands of years. Ranging from a light yellowish green to darker, richer shades of olive, peridot conjures images of young spring grass or the greens of a rich, dark forest at twilight.

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