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So you love baseball,
Cardinal baseball.


While we can't save you 15% by switching your car insurance.

We can save you 25% on this exclusive Cardinal brooch. This piece is one of a kind, with 57 dazzling Kwiat diamonds in glowing 18kt yellow gold. The beautiful French enamel make this Cardinal seem alive. Actual size is a little over 2 inches.

Regular price $3000. Curt Parker Jewelers email NEWSLETTER  price $2250.00. Better hurry this is the only one! There will be no more, zero, zip, nada.


Birthstone for August

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Save the date for CP Jewelers Tailgate Party Saturday September 24th, 2005

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Your ticket to fun... 

Customer Appreciation Tailgate Party

Saturday September 24th  from 11:00 - 2:00

 Parking lot of Curt Parker Jewelers

10192 Conway Road

(rain or shine a tent will be provided)  

Food and Drink by Grappa Grill, Entertainment, Music, St. Louis Rams Cheerleaders, Rams Calendars, Rams Posters, Prizes, Rams Tickets, Valet Parking , Fun for You-Fun for Us, 15% Savings.

This year we are saying thank you with a tailgate party to celebrate our third year as the Preferred jeweler of the St. Louis Rams.


Engagement Rings: the Bigger, the Better

A Modern Bride survey revealed that 51% of respondents would prefer a larger engagement ring. This is important news if you’re planning to become engaged – or if you’re looking for an anniversary gift to remember!  The general cost guideline for an engagement ring purchase is about two years salary. 

[OK it's two months salary, I just wanted to see if you were paying attention.] 

Remember that this is only a guide; you can choose to spend less – or more!  Most diamonds are not perfect.  And most budgets aren’t unlimited.  So it becomes a choice between, size, clarity, color and the shape and finish.  Choose a setting that is a match both for the diamond and for your taste. 

According to Town & Country magazine, the trend in engagement rings is not to follow one.  They suggest choosing the shape and setting that best reflects your personal style. 

At Curt Parker Jewelers we have a commitment to your personal satisfaction. That’s why we have a lifetime diamond guarantee and a lifetime trade in privilege. Please ask one of our sales associates for details.

Maybe she's born with it, maybe it's the jewelry.

Choosing Jewelry to Match Your Stature

Fashion experts say that gold earrings are long… and getting longer.  But before you rush out for a new pair, consider your stature. In general, petite women should choose petite jewelry, and tall women, bolder styles. When it comes to earrings, petite women look best in studs and buttons, as well as in styles that sweep the eye upward. Women of average height can choose any style within reason.  Tall women should avoid petite buttons, but look spectacular in any length of drop or dangle. Women of all heights should also pay attention to how their hairstyle interacts with earring choice.  For example, a petite woman with long hair might be able to carry off a medium length chandelier or drop.  And a tall woman with a short hairstyle might look terrific in a substantial button.  


The Preferred Jewelers of the St. Louis Rams 

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