April Newsletter

There is a special case at Curt Parker Jewelers thatís stocked with one-of-a-kind antique and vintage jewelry. 

You can never predict what Curt will put in there or how favorably heíll price it. Itís his personal playpen, stocked with surprising pieces at very surprising prices. 

Some people here (weíll refrain from naming names) think that Curt has lost his mind. But he thinks itís fun to gleefully shock our best clients with unexpected bargains.  

Whatís in Curtís Vintage case today? Youíll be delightfully surprised... if you stop by. If you just can't wait you can see the jewelry by clicking on the surprise picture.


Curt Parker Jewelers is forming a team for the
Komen St. Louis Race for the Cureģ

Race Day is Saturday June 18, 2005

Downtown St. Louis



Please join us in the race we would love to walk with you!  

Registration is easy. The cost is $20 and you may register on-line at www.komenstlouis.org and be sure to register as a member of the Curt Parker Jewelers Team. Every Curt Parker Jewelers Team member will receive a race t-shirt, bib number, back signs and a Curt Parker gift bag with a pink pearl bracelet (to wear in the walk) and a few other ďpinkĒ goodies. The Curt Parker Team will walk together in the non-competitive 5k run/walk. There is also a competitive 5k run and a 1 mile fun walk that team members may choose to participate in instead of the non-competitive 5k run/walk. You may also join the team even if you are not able to participate.  

Donít delay! The deadline for entering as part of the Curt Parker Jewelers Team on-line is May 31st at noon. If you donít have access to the internet, you may register at the store or call us at (314) 989-9909 and we will be happy to mail a registration form to you. 

T-shirts and gift bags can be picked up at Curt Parker Jewelers on or after June 9th. 

Grab your family, friends and colleagues and sign up with our team. Letís fight to find a cure for Breast Cancer together.

Build your own car. Thatís what car manufacturers let you do on the internet now. Itís the coolest thing really: you pick everything from the number of cylinders to the color. Click a button and your dream car appears right on your screen.

You get the car home and sketch out an idea for a custom paint job, orange flames on the hood.  Granted, they will look better on a Camaro than they will on your new SUV, but youíve made it your own.

It shouldnít surprise you then that we feel the same way about jewelry. So if you really want to please your girl, put your creativity to paper and have something made thatís one-of-a-kind, reflects her and, most importantly, has a piece of you in itóyour time, your sentimentality and your idea. You donít want to pull up next to an identical caróand we don't want you to say, ďOh . . . cool . . . we have identical rings.Ē

Whether youíre starting from scratch or youíre wanting to use some of the stones from the heirlooms you inherited (that you never knew what to do with anyway), know that we are here and welcome the opportunity to build your ideas.

Color, Drama and Pearls are In

The Jewelry Consumer Opinion Council predicts jewelry choices for Spring 2005 and beyond.  The results are in.  According to participants, long earrings are here to stay.  Whether they opt for the opulent chandelier or the sophisticated, linear ďstiletto,Ē respondents were up for drama.  Pearls will also enjoy a continued popularity.  Because of the wide range of fashionable styles available, men are confident choosing gifts like pearls which they see as both classic and fashionably trendy.  Another look into the future reveals a splash of color.  Fashion experts predict that fabrics will be patterned as well as colorful!  Reds will be big, as well as warm tans, yellows, greens and basic black and white.  If youíre looking to match up with these fashion trends, think ruby, garnet, citrine, topaz, peridot and, of course, pearl.



Diamond is Aprilís
Dazzling Birthstone

One of the advantages of being born in April is that it increases your chances of getting diamond jewelry on your birthday! After all, diamond is Aprilís fabulous birthstone.

While most women expect the gift of a diamond for their engagement, not everyone thinks of diamond jewelry for birthday gifts. Especially popular this year are the thin stiletto diamond drop earring and any style of diamond bracelet, including the classic diamond line.

Right hand diamond rings are an obvious keeper in fashion circles. And why not! Diamonds are just as dazzling on the right hand as they are on the left. Of course, diamonds are just right as a birthday gift for any month of the year. They are also the official gift for the 10th and 60th year of marriage.

Great Celtic Bands

Black 47
The Chieftains
The Coors
The Cranberries
Curt Parker

Faith and begorrah. Curt Parker has the greatest collection of Celtic bands this side of the pubs on O'Connell Street.

We're talking Celtic wedding bands of course. The Abbey Collection to be specific. Each one inspired by classic Celtic motifs of ole castles and ancient abbeys.


See more Abbey rings www.abbey collection rings



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