Curt Parker Jewelers Joins More Than 66,000 in the

Komen St. Louis Race for the Cure®

Race Day Saturday June 21, 2008

Downtown St. Louis

Thank you St. Louis!


Curt Parker Jewelers gathered a team of clients, friends and family to join the Komen St. Louis Race for the Cure® on June 12st. in Downtown St. Louis

Participants paid a $50 registration fee for the race and received a CP $50 Gift Card.


The morning of the race the team members met early for coffee and doughnuts and boarded a bus provided by Curt Parker Jewelers and headed to downtown St. Louis to participate in the 5k race. Team photos were taken and the team walked together among a sea of supporters.

Curt Parker Jewelers had a team in a previous race and it continues to grow each year.  Next year we hope to fill two buses with team members.

Again we thank all our team members who generously gave and participated with us in the walk.

See the photo's - click on photo to enlarge. If you would like one of the photo's just email

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