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International Award-winning jewelry designers and St. Louis area's largest selection of platinum engagement rings and diamond jewelry.

 We're not your "Grandfather's Jeweler." We are up-to-date in design and technology. We're hip, we're happening, we're now. We're  dedicated to excellence, personal service and community. 

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See our newest collection of classic Rose Cut Diamond Jewelry 

The Rose cut diamond dates from the 1300's.  Their charm made it the preeminent diamond style in Europe dating from the 16th well into the 18th century.  These diamonds were very rare, only being worn by kings and queens.  In 1477 Mary of Burgundy became the first to receive a diamond engagement ring, which was given to her by Archduke Maximilian of Austria.  This became the first diamond to be used as a symbol to declare love.  Our new collection seeks to honor antiquity by combining these beautiful natural colored rose cut diamonds with modern brilliant cut diamonds.   We also carry an extensive collection of more traditional jewelry, from the antique to modern and specialize in custom designs.



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